Dangerous Officer (Asura) 2020 South Hindi Dubbed HDRip

Dangerous Officer

Name: Dangerous Officer (Asura) 2020 South Hindi Dubbed HDRip
Genre: Action, Drama
Duration: 1 hour 59 minutes
Release Date: 5 June 2015
Language: Hindi
Starcast: Nara Rohit,Priya Banerjee,Ravi Verma,Madhu Singampalli,Satyadev Kancharana
Quality: HDRip
Description: Dharma Teja (Nara Rohit) is a jailor in Rajahmundry Central Jail who is strict and sincere but also sensitive and kindhearted. In his department, the people call him a demon because of his anger and strictness. His aim is to become a poet, which he is working on in his free time. Dharma has different thoughts on reformation of prisoners and doesn't mind breaking law to good to others, so he became a question mark to his higher officials. One day, Chandrashekar aka Charlie (Ravi Varma), a former diamond merchant, was sentenced to death on charges of killing his stepmother's siblings for the sake of their property. His mercy petition was canceled by the president In jail, Charlie meets a thief called Pandu.

Pandu is vengeful against Charlie because once he tried to steal diamonds from Charlie, and when Charlie caught him, he made him handicapped and sent him to jail. After hearing the news through his girlfriend Saira, Charlie decides to escape from jail. Then he makes a deal with Pandu to give half the diamonds which once he had tried to steal two diamonds from him for escaping of him from jail, which was worthy of 50 crores. Then Pandu forgets his enmity with Charlie and accepts his offer. Then Charlie arranges bail to Pandu. He meets gangsters Muthyammanna (Madhusudhan Rao) and his brother Daya (Satyadev Kancharana) and tells his offer to help, then they make a plan to escape Charlie from prison. Meanwhile, Charlie was survived temporarily from hanging through a drug and fell asleep. In the investigation, Dharma knows that Saira supplied the drug through a sweets box in the visiting hours.
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